2017 Food Research & New Trends

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Respondents: With 1,880+ respondents aged 18-55+, SheSpeaks generated some interesting learnings.

  • Snack Attack: 73% of women have 2 or more snacks a day.
  • Alternative to Cooking: When there isn’t enough time to cook dinner, 64% of women choose to order-in or grab takeout.
  • Indulging in Guilty Pleasures: 66% of women choose salty snacks as their “guilty pleasure” food.
  • Saving with Coupons and Discounts: 58% of women say coupons, discounts, and/or sales are “very influential” when making the decision to buy a particular product.
  • Facebook for the Win: 78% of women say they post food-related content to social media, and 69% of women say they use Facebook to post or share food-related content.
  • Power of Product Samples: 49% of women say a positive experience with a product sample is mostly likely to prompt them to buy a new product.

What’s changed? We took a look at some key differences between the 2015 and 2017 Food Report Surveys. Take a look at some interesting findings!

  • 5% less women are eating three meals a day and 6% more women are eating two meals a day
  • 2% more women are saying boredom is the biggest struggle when planning everyday dinners
  • 2% more women are getting takeout when they don't have time to make dinner
  • 14% more women are choosing salty snacks as their guilty indulgence
  • 5% more women are highly influenced by the opinions of friends and family when deciding to purchase particular products
  • 3% more women visit Facebook for information and opinions on meals, snacks, and recipes
  • 2% more women post food related content on social media
  • 5% more women are posting food they prepare on social media and 4% more women are posting food they ate at a restaurant
  • To post this content, 5% more women are using twitter
  • 6% less women are posting content directly to the pages or handles of the food related brands in order to let the company better understand their needs

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