Influencer Marketing: Content Development & Social Amplification

SheSpeaks works with brands to tell their authentic story in shareable format leveraging influencers. Our team will work uniquely with your brand to understand the brands unique voice, your brand’s key target and we will select & enroll the most engaging influencer for your campaign. Together, our content will seek to engage consumers in an emotion: inspiration, information, humor, connection to activate social sharing & drive audiences to purchase.




*New: SheSpeaks Unboxed

SheSpeaks works with brands to craft limited edition, monthly, buzz-worthy themed product boxes across categories: Food, Beauty, CPG, Travel, etc. The boxes are designed to create a brand experience that inspires influencers with your Brand! Influencers create unboxing videos & social content that includes key brand messaging & social tags.

*New: Media Distribution

SheSpeaks Partnerships with Premium Publishers (Meredith, Time Inc, Conde, etc.) extends the earned media engagement of branded Influencer content. SheSpeaks will develop compelling ad units that integrate Influencer Content to drive 8% – 30% higher CTR across Paid Media of your content.




New: Social Entertainment Hub

SheSpeaks will develop a Branded Social landing page that feeds your brand’s social content in real-time. Brands can drive paid media to the page for additional Earned Media Engagement. The Social Entertainment Hub can feature: link to e-com, Product Ratings & Reviews, downloadable Coupons, and social widgets (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.)

Broad-Scale Product Sampling & Product Reviews

With a broad consumer database of 250K Influencers, we will target, enroll and sample your products to drive reviews. Broad-scale sampling for reviews drive ROI through SEO for your brands. We create a digital toolkit that gives Influencers all of the information they need to create high-quality reviews.

SheSpeaksTV Social Video

SheSpeaksTV is a YouTube channel that spawned from member feedback. Content is created by women for women across topics important to them. Playlists feature non-sponsored & sponsored content. We can work with your brand to create custom sponsored playlists or custom social video.

Custom Research & Insights Studies

SheSpeaks has the ability to produce on-demand research panels as well as in-depth research studies & focus groups with our statistically relevant database of 250K influencers. We partner with brands to execute research studies in various facets of the business. We have tested marketing created, food products, and engage brands with real-time feedback from their core consumers.

In-Store Events/Traffic Drives

SheSpeaks data-oriented platform aggregates a broad information base on our influencers. In addition to 100s of behavioral & psychographic filters, we have influencers geo-location down to zip code. We run traffic drivers on-site & to in-store locations to gather influencer feedback for brands.