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CEO of SheSpeaks Inc.

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Aliza Freud is a CEO, podcast host, women’s insights expert, and influencer marketing expert.  Aliza’s personal mission is to amplify women’s voices. As the founder and CEO of SheSpeaks Inc., Aliza has built the largest, most diverse community of female consumers and influencers in America with a network reach of more than 300 million shoppers per month and growing.

Prior to SheSpeaks, Aliza the Vice President of Global Marketing at American Express.  She holds an MBA from Columbia Business School

Aliza is a champion for women’s voices across all media – digital, social, mobile, and now through her podcast, How She Does It.  In SheSpeaks, Aliza has created a platform that inspires women to express their creativity, ideas and opinions and provides them endless opportunities to expand their own personal influence and in many cases, build their own profitable businesses doing so.

How She Does It

Selected Guests

Jordyn Wieber

Olympic Gold Medalist

Kelly Rutherford


Stacy London

CEO & Former TV Host

How She Does It

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Find Aliza Freud and the How She Does It on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and anywhere else you get your podcasts.

How She Does It


How She Does It


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