April 17, 2018 SheSpeaksInc

Brand Trust on the Rise; Trust In Social Media is Low

In 2017, with the proliferation of stories about “fake news”, social media privacy concerns & damaged brand reputations, we were inspired to ask our community how they were feeling the media, social media and brands. You can see more about our 2017 results here.

This year we were curious to see how things changed. Did brand trust go up or down? What about social media and trust in the media?

In a study with over 1,400 respondents we were pleasantly surprised to find that women’s trust in brands has increased since 2017 by 20%!  What’s on the decline? Trust in the Media declined 47% vs. 2017.  Additionally, respondents told us that they do NOT trust many social media platforms with Facebook as the LEAST trusted social platform and Pinterest taking the prize for MOST trusted social platform.

We’ve put the study findings in to a handy infographic which you can see here.  Please let us know if you have questions by contacting [email protected]

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