2016: The Year of Overall Health and Wellness

January 11, 2016

This Post Originally Appeared In MediaPost: Marketing CPG

By Morgan Buell Monday, Jan. 11, 2016

The 2016 ball has dropped, the holiday presents have been organized and put away, and the resolutions are in full-effect. But have you noticed something different about this year? Well, get ready. This is the year that physical fitness will be taken to the next level – and women are on top.

According to a study we co-conducted, women are focused on a “Better Her.” Forty-one percent of women say health and wellness goals will be most important to them in 2016, and another 63% say they anticipate increasing their focus on personal financial management. Women are focused on their goals, motivated to make the necessary changes and are striving for a better them.

The companies that will succeed in the wellness movement of 2016 will be ones that are ready to listen. Ones that already get it include: Under Armour, Dove and Lane Bryant, as outlined in Marketing Daily recently. This is the year of body-positive. And, it’s not about talking at women; it’s about listening to understand how products can help them achieve a better life. What value does your brand/product contribute to her life? By celebrating consumers and inspiring them, brands will be more successful at inserting themselves in the conversation because consumers will already be talking about them.

The Key Takeaways:

1. It’s less about the product and it’s all about her

After all, her body wash can make her feel clean and energized after a successful workout. And, her grocery store should reward her with financial benefits for shopping and eating healthier.

One example of a brand succeeding in the movement:

  • L’Oreal’s #WorthSaying campaign that launched during the Golden Globes to encourage women to share powerful and motivating language that transcends beauty. Celebrities tweeted and joined an inspiring conversation focused on intrinsic beauty with motivating language shared by all women. #WorthSaying was the only Golden Globe hashtag (other than #GoldenGlobes) to trend during the hour and succeeded by taking its tagline, “Because You’re Worth It,” to a whole new level.

2. Be Real

Authenticity will get you 100% farther than unrealistic and inauthentic communication. After all, women find people who are like themselves to be #1 most trusted source for information.

One Brand That Owns the Conversation:

  • Aerie By American Eagle: With the understanding that Aerie’s target market is not the average stick-thin supermodel, but rather the average young millennial, Aerie launched their ads to promote a healthy body image by not digitally removing model’s blemishes, tattoos, cellulite or other features that are typically photo-shopped on the website or in advertisements. In turn, The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) honored the underwear line’s #AerieReal campaign with its first-ever NEDA Inspires Seal of Approval. Women want to know how clothes will look on them and that is why they follow their favorite social media influencers to really understand what works. Producing realistic ads will highlight your product as authentic with consumers.

3. Product Reviews Matter

That’s because 97% of women consult a product review before deciding to buy. After all, she is smart about her purchases and it has to work for her.

  • Due to the support of social media, consumers’ distrust in product advertisements, as well as their research savviness, product reviews have become the method of choice to learn about a product and generate interest in purchase. Additionally, 58% of people said they are more likely to share customer service experiences today than they were five years ago, with more and more people sharing experiences on social networking sites and writing online reviews. Brands can leverage product sampling and drive authentic quality reviews to garner more interest.

Women feel confident and are focused on their health and financial goals. It’s not about buying; it’s about the journey to get to a better her.

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