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The best brand stories are powered by insights.

We are experts in crafting high-performing influencer marketing programs that amplify your brand and connect you with hundreds of millions of consumers. Through our data, scale and research, clients get a front-row seat to real-time consumer insights that inform decisions and measure a campaign’s success.

What makes us different
Our Data
Our proprietary profile data helps us select the best influencers for your campaign.
Our Scale
We have a community of 250,000 members—reaching 300 million consumers—ready to rally behind your brand.
Our Research
We leverage real-time consumer insights to inform campaign decisions and measure effectiveness.

Our Services

Influencer Content Development

Together with our network of influencers, we work with your brand to understand your target audience and tell your story. From video, social content and more—syndicated on Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Youtube and Twitter—your branded influencer content will ultimately drive audiences to purchase.

Paid Social Amplification

Our campaigns demonstrate that paid media amplification on top-performing influencers drives strong ROI. We boost high-performing posts via our influencers’ social handles and repurpose their unique content into programmatic digital ads on desktop and mobile.

Ratings & Reviews

Over 97% of women consult product reviews before purchasing. For brands launching a new product, branching into new retailers or trying to engage new consumers, Ratings & Reviews is an effective way to close the deal with your target consumer. We screen and recruit consumers to join our network who are eager to sample your products and write authentic reviews. SheSpeaks’ member reviews average over 4.5 star ratings!

Research & Insights

At SheSpeaks, data and community go hand-in-hand. Through our award-winning platform’s Brand Lift Studies, we can determine how your influencer campaign is affecting Recommendation Intent, Purchase Intent, Brand Favorability, Product Knowledge and more to further inform decisions and ensure campaign effectiveness.

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