Voices of Women: Workplace + Society

While women perceive that gender equality and fairness are steadily getting better, their reality suggests otherwise. That’s according to the SheSpeaks Voices of Women: Workplace + Society Survey of over 1,000 women across the U.S., fielded the week before the start of Women’s History Month. Major findings include: 87% agree that women are not compensated […]

How to Co-Create with Influencers – 4 Key Questions to Ask

Influencers with their own products/brands are commanding the attention of consumers and may be steering them away from traditional brands. When MrBeast opened his first physical restaurant in The American Dream Mall, 2,000 people waited overnight to attend the opening and thousands more were on hand that day to just get a glimpse of YouTube’s […]

Influencer Content that Works: Views, views and more views!

In our Influencer Content That Works series, we spotlight successful influencer posts and point out why they work to connect with audiences and generate engagement. This week we are taking a look at three timely first quarter campaigns – New Year New You, Valentine’s Day and the Super Bowl – Snapple Zero Sugar at Walmart, Hallmark Valentine’s […]

The Benefits of Niche Influencer Marketing

In the world of digital marketing, influencer marketing is a powerful tool that can help brands engage with their target audience and build credibility for their products. What many brands don’t realize is that by partnering with influencers who specialize in a specific field, they can create an even more effective promotional strategy. By utilizing […]

Women Predict 2023 – Results from our latest survey!

The time of year is here, our yearly Women’s 2023 Predictions! This year we received 1457 responses from the SheSpeaks community. We asked women about all kinds of topics, from their social media usage, 2023 goals, and economic outlook to current emotions. Here are some key insights from the results, check out the infographic below […]

Influencer Content That Works: TikTok… the Holidays are here!

In our Influencer Content That Works series, we spotlight successful influencer posts and point out why they work to connect with audiences and generate engagement. This week we are embracing the holiday season and showcasing several TikToks featuring holiday centric items. Two of the campaigns featured are Hallmark Holiday and Keurig Winter Flavors. Let’s take a look […]

SheSpeaks Holiday Shopping Survey 2022

SheSpeaks 2021 Holiday Shopping Survey

For the 10th year in a row, we fielded our annual SheSpeaks Holiday Shopping Survey.  Over 1,500 women from the SheSpeaks community across the U.S. completed the study. One key insight is that although, the recession is on womens’ minds, they say it will not impact their holiday spending. The following are some of the […]

The Power of Product Reviews this Holiday Season

This holiday season, if you want to sway women to buy your brand vs. another, make sure that you have online product reviews. 80% of women say that the deciding factor in buying one brand vs. another was online review. Whether they are shopping for electronics, cosmetics, clothing, or something else, more and more women […]

This Holiday Season, Nurture Consumer Relationships Instead of Making Ads

Brands and retailers are about to unleash their holiday campaigns. This season, however, the standard practice of buying eyeballs may not be the best way to grab consumers’ attention. With a barrage of messages coming at them all at once, it’s critical to get in front of people at the optimal time: when they are looking […]

Infographic: How Influencers Really Feel About Sponsored Content

If it feels like you’re seeing more sponsored content in your social feeds, it’s true: 51% of influencers are creating more branded posts this year versus 2021, with 30% posting sponcon more than once a week. Those are just some of the findings in a survey of 550 influencers by SheSpeaks, the largest community of female influencers […]