P&G Cheers on #DadsWhoGetItDone

The #DadsWhoGetitDone campaign highlights dads who step up in the household. 

The insight? If men took on 50 minutes of care per day from women’s workload, the scale would be tipped to balanced equality of running a household (Promundo 2019). 

SheSpeaks has been engaging influencer Dads this campaign for P&G.  Together with Fair Play, SheSpeaks influencer dads are celebrating the #DadsWhoGetItDone in order to help #CloseTheChoreGap in the home.

Check out these awesome influencer dads who are putting in their time on care tasks for their families, thanks to some of our favorite P&G products and the Fair Play Deck.

SheSpeaks wants to celebrate all the dads who are getting it done at home: from cooking and laundry to school drop offs and potty training. We have had so much fun working with these dad influencers promoting such an important topic. 

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