How to Deliver a Positive ROI on Influencer Marketing

November 10, 2020

As social media engagement has soared in 2020, influencer marketing continues to gain steam.  With over 80% of leading brands allocating budget to influencer marketing, it is essential to make sure these are delivering a positive ROI on influencer marketing investment.

Do you want your next influencer campaign to deliver a 215% ROI*? Here’s a couple of clients that did just that. 

Finish Dishwashing Detergent #FinishRelucient

We partnered with Zenith to create an influencer marketing program for Finish dishwashing detergent, targeted at Hispanic women ages 25-54. 

In Q3 of 2019, Reckitt Benckiser wanted to build awareness for Finish Detergent with a new target consumer group, Hispanic women. The team recognized that a unique approach would be required to appeal to this important market, who were not convinced that dishwashers were as effective as hand-washing. Reckitt decided to partner with SheSpeaks, and asked Hispanic influencers to create and share content around the theme of #Reluciente, or sparkling clean. The campaign successfully delivered sales, awareness and ROI.

Campaign Results
  • 215% ROI
  • 50+ creative brand assets specifically for the Hispanic market
  • 1,945 positive reviews on
  • 600+ pieces of social content created
  • 2.1MM+ Views, likes and comments on Instagram
  • $893K+ Earned Media Value (Social Virality & PR)


Cotton wanted to inspire people to wear and purchase cool cotton clothing during the hot months of summer. To spread awareness about cotton’s benefits, SheSpeaks partnered with high-end lifestyle and fashion bloggers to create blog and social media posts about wearing cotton in hot weather. Our Influencer partners created beautiful images of cool cotton clothing, and helped create millions of impressions on our Influencer’s blogs, Twitter and Instagram.

Campaign Results
  • 183% ROI
  • 116 Million Impressions
  • 33 Influencers
  • 18.7 Thousand Tweets

Tips for a Positive ROI on Influencer Marketing

With authentic and creative story-telling, SheSpeaks influencers can drive results and increase your overall campaign ROI. In the meantime, here are a few tips to help achieve a positive ROI on influencer marketing:

  • Recruit targeted influencers to reach your shopper with our diverse community of over 250,000 engaged influencers. Our team will ensure each influencer is vetted based on your business goals and target shopper. 
  • Provide clear key messages to influencers, while allowing them to use their own voice for authenticity.
  • Use a single call to action to simplify things for your shopper, while driving results.
  • Get creative. While allowing your influencer creative freedom, test a new tactic, run a giveaway, etc. based on your primary KPIs.

For more tips, read our guide to a successful influencer marketing campaign.

We’d love to help you and your brand exceed your ROI goals. Each personalized proposal includes KPIs based on your business goals, and all are guaranteed. Want to learn more? Reach out to 

*To calculate ROI we take the marketing investment and subtract it from the earned media value of a campaign or the total revenue driven by the campaign. This number is then divided by the marketing investment. The higher the percentage, the better the ROI.

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