Happiness is a Skill: A Seminar with Nataly Kogan -[Video Replay]

Happiness is a Skill

On May 27, SheSpeaks hosted a live seminar for our community with Nataly Kogan, the author of Happier Now, the best selling guide to developing happiness as a skill.  We were overjoyed to have Nataly share her approach with us, including the five happiness skills of Acceptance, Gratitude, Self-Care, Intentional Kindness and the Bigger Why.

For anyone who was unable to attend our seminar, we’ve embedded a replay below, as well as short notes on the five happiness skills.  To learn more about Nataly and Happiness as a Skill, you can follow her on Instagram, and visit happier.com.  

Our thanks to Nataly for this amazing opportunity to share her approach with our community!  We’d love to hear any questions or feedback at info@shespeaks.com.

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