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Influencer Marketing and COVID19

March 20, 2020

We have been thinking about how influencer marketing should work during this unprecedented time. Should brands be engaging with influencers to create content now? Though we believe that influencer marketing is a viable and effective tool, even now, it must be managed with caution and careful messaging. (If you’d like to get right to the one-pager with recommendations, click here).

Based on this input, we believe influencers are uniquely positioned to help brands in this new environment for four reasons:

1.    Influencers are where consumers are spending their time right now, on social channels, and often already in their networks

2.    Influencer programs can be deployed quickly, so brands can develop and deliver messaging that is responsive to rapid changes in consumer behavior

3.    Influencers are one stop shops, and can create and deliver content when more complex production is not currently feasible

4.    Influencers are businesses too – they are eager to work with brands, and are being increasingly flexible on terms and deliverables

Marketing with Care during COVID19

Influencer marketing must be managed with an understanding of current consumer sentiment and behavior, and with a messaging plan that is tailored to an uncertain and changing marketplace.

We created the below one pager with recommendations for how to engage influencers and what type of content to create, and what to avoid.

If you have questions on how your influencer marketing activities should change or to get the full results of our Coronavirus studies, please contact Missy Tiller at


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