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Influencers #FallinLava with Hershey’s at Walmart

February 12, 2020

Competition in the chocolate market is fierce during the Valentine’s Day Holiday period.   The top candy brands are competing for the shopper’s dollars at retailers across the country.  Hershey’s launched a sweet Influencer campaign that led Valentine’s shoppers to Walmart for Hersheys Pot of Gold and new Lava Cake Kisses.


Hershey’s wanted to increase share amongst female Walmart shoppers during this important seasonal Holiday of Valentine’s Day so they engaged SheSpeaks to reach their core target with Influencers and authentic content.

SheSpeaks created a 360 degree Influencer activation by engaging a variety of influencers that included Celebrity, mid-tier and micro influencers to helped Pot of Gold and Lava Cake Kisses capture the hearts of Walmart’s shoppers.

SheSpeaks Influencers’ using the campaign hashtag, #FallInLava, created blogs, video and social content that flowed with likes and comments on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. The content reached 9 million shoppers and drove over 397,000 engagements with this content.

Celebrity Influencer Tia Mowry was chosen because her authentic content resonated with her followers, as well as Walmart shoppers and drove quality engagements.  Tia produced an Instagram video and story that generated over 255,000 views, 14,600 likes and 158 comments.


This combination of influencer content drove products off the shelves and into the carts of shoppers at Walmart!

Pot of Gold experienced a 44% growth in sales year over year. And Lava Cake Kisses was the #2 New Chocolate item at Walmart for Valentine’s in 2019. SheSpeaks Influencers made Walmart shoppers #FallinLava with Hershey’s.

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