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Infographic: How Influencers Really Feel About Sponsored Content

October 25, 2022

If it feels like you’re seeing more sponsored content in your social feeds, it’s true: 51% of influencers are creating more branded posts this year versus 2021, with 30% posting sponcon more than once a week.

Those are just some of the findings in a survey of 550 influencers by SheSpeaks, the largest community of female influencers and creators in the U.S. Compensation is up for 64% of influencers, as is creative freedom (44%) and being involved in planning campaigns (32%). 

It’s a welcome trend for both sides, according to SheSpeaks CEO Aliza Freud.

“Influencers understand their audience better than anyone since they engage and interact with them all the time,” Freud said. “Brands should lean into this insight from the influencer and be careful not to dictate too closely what the influencer can say in their sponsored post.”

When it comes to challenges, late payments (47%) topped the list, followed closely by lack of adequate time to complete the campaign (43%).

Brands must also thread the needle when it comes to honing influencer-created content. While 38% of influencers complained about lack of creative freedom, 34% wished for more guidance on what their brand partners were expecting. 

“Brands should allow influencers the freedom to share how a product has benefited their life, as it is highly persuasive to their audience,” Freud added.

This story first appeared in the Oct. 24, 2022, issue of Adweek magazine.

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