Episode 114

Tapping into Global Awareness with The Path CEO Dina Kaplan

January 18, 2023

Dina's career was buzzing. She was featured in the top media outlets, had a high-paying job and all the titles any one person could aspire to, and it eventually led to a place of panic attack after panic attack. In this episode, Aliza sits down with The Path CEO, Dina Kaplan, about her incredible career that led to burnout, how to meditate to change the patterns in your brain, and so much more.

Episode Highlights:
6:34 – Dina’s official burnout moment
12:57 – How to begin to meditate
20:46 – The “awareness gap”


Links & Resources:

Dina Kaplan (The Path)

Dina Kaplan Ted Talk

Dina on Instagram

The Path on Instagram


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