Episode 145

Do You Have a Bad Relationship With Money? with Money Expert Laura Adams

August 30, 2023

Should you save for retirement or for your children’s college?

How can you learn about personal finance if you were never taught?

These are questions we tackle on today’s episode with financial spokesperson and money expert Laura Adams. She’s an award-winning author who hosts the weekly, top-rated Money Girl podcast and named one of Empower’s “Top 50 Women in Personal Finance” in 2018.  She’s on a mission to make complex money topics easy to understand so you make wise choices and live a richer life. We dive into this some more in our conversation!

In this episode, we cover :

  • The difference between a good and bad relationship with money 
  • Efficient and easy habits you can adapt to your current finances to grow a savings
  • How you can save for retirement and college with a certain strategy 
  • How to learn about personal finance when you were never taught
  • Should you rent or buy?
  • How saving early can lead to a better retirement 


  • 2:34 Why Is Money a Hard Topic For Women?
  • 4:09 Healthy vs. Unhealthy Money Habits
  • 6:59 What Do You Choose: Saving For Retirement or Your Children’s College?
  • 10:37 How Laura Adams Became a Money Expert and Leading Spokesperson
  • 15:56 What is Money Smart Soloprenuer?
  • 19:52 Understanding Retirement Accounts
  • 21:59 Should You Rent or Buy?
  • 25:07 Why You Should Automate Everything
  • 29:05 Start Saving Early For a Better Retirement

Links and Resources

Laura’s Website: https://lauradadams.com/

Money Girl Podcast: https://lauradadams.com/podcast

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