Episode 133

Rebecca Fogg: Lessons of Thriving and Healing After Trauma

May 31, 2023

After surviving a freak accident, Rebecca Fogg, almost lost her hand. Rebecca decided to turn her horrible accident into a process of curiosity,  healing, and vulnerability. In this episode, we will learn about what happens to our mind when there is a traumatic event, how to ask for help, and how to heal and move on after trauma.


  • 3:12  The Incident That Changed Her Life
  • 7:18 How Our Brains React In Crisis
  • 10:47 Becoming an Expert on Her Injury
  • 16:14 Letting Go of Expectations of How People React in a Trauma
  • 18:56 Her Healing Process and Being Vulnerable
  • 23:25 Community Trauma vs. Individual Trauma
  • 28:27 Advice For Those Currently Experiencing Crisis and Trauma

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