New Survey: Women React to Coronavirus [Wave 4]

April 17, 2020

In our latest study on how women are reacting to COVID-19, we asked 1,685 women from across the US to share their thoughts and experiences related to the crisis.

This is our 4th survey on the Coronavirus and it was fielded April 13th-15th 2020.

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Topline Findings

  • More Social But Less Connected: While women are talking to friends & family more often than before the Coronavirus crisis, they are feeling less connected than before with only 22% saying that they feel “Connected”.
  • More Optimistic vs. April 5th Survey Results: Women are 60% more optimistic about how badly the country will be effected by Coronavirus vs. the April 5th survey.
  • Food Consumption of Grocery Items is Up: Overall consumption of grocery products is up with Snacks ranking #1. Not far behind are milk, eggs and drinks. While Beauty products and personal care purchase has decreased. And 80% are still going to grocery stores.
  • They are Online & On Social: Women reported increases in visiting online news sites (51%), shopped online (34%), watching the news on tv/cable (56%), and talking to friends and family virtually (57%), on social media (46%)
  • Looking to the Future: When the Coronavirus crisis ends, women are looking forward to #1 Visiting Friends and Family, #2 Going out to Eat and #3 Going to Public Parks.

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