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Walmart Shopper Study May 2019

May 15, 2019

SheSpeaks conducted a Walmart Shopper Study by surveyjng Walmart shoppers between April 20-23rd 2019 to better understand their shopping habits. We were interested in learning more about how Walmart shoppers were approaching:

  1. Online shopping vs. in-store purchases
  2. Online grocery pick up and delivery

Following are high-level findings and data from the study. SheSpeaks conducted a similar Walmart Shopper Study in 2017 and comparisons are shown where applicable.

Key Insights

  1. More Shoppers Both In-Store & Online: While the majority of shoppers shop in-store, more shoppers are shopping both in-store and online than in previous years. That percentage has increase 50% from 2017 to 2019!
  2. Increase in OGP Usage: Online Grocery Pickup usage has increased since our last survey in 2017 with 26% of respondents using the OGP service. This represents a steep increase vs. 2017 when just 5% of respondents used OGP.
  3. Free Shipping Matters: Free shipping continues to top the wish list for services that offers with 64% of shoppers indicating that they want this service.

More insights can be found in the full study below.

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