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Women’s State of Mind Survey: Women are Tired

June 10, 2022

Insights from our latest Women’s State of Mind Survey: Women are Tired

Our latest Women’s State of Mind Survey, which we’ve been conducting quarterly since the pandemic began in March 2020, points to a troubling trend. The #1 emotion that women are feeling right now is “Tired”- with close to 50% of women saying this is their #1 emotion. 

During the heart of the pandemic “Uncertainty” popped as #1 emotion, but then vaccines came and women began to feel more “Hopeful”. 

Just a few months ago, in our winter version of the survey, “Grateful” and “Hopeful,” were tied for the top response.  Something is changed. It’s important that we listen to what women are telling us.

Half of women admit that they have experienced burnout since the pandemic began, so we have big challenges moving forward. 

Negative Impacts of the Pandemic

We asked women what was the  most negative impact of the pandemic for them personally. We expected women to cite “physical health” as the most negative impact, but instead the #1 negative impact was to social life  & interactions. More than 50% of admitted that the pandemic negatively impacted their social lives, almost as many mentioned mental health.

  • Additionally, Half of women (49%) said they have experienced burn out since the pandemic began – we defined burnout as “Chronic unmanaged stress”

  •  45% of women feel neutral to negative about their overall mental health

  • Just 19% (less than 1 in 5 women) of women say that their life is what they imagined it would be 5 years ago

Summary & Takeaways

A wide swath of women from all over the country, representing 4 generations, admit that their social lives and mental health have suffered the most since the pandemic began. They are tired, burned out and left wondering what’s going to be the long-term ramifications.

Women need to recognize the signs of burnout, whether that be loss of motivation, feeling helpless, trapped and defeated, or a growing sense of failure and self-doubt and seek help –  whether that’s talking to a therapist or a doctor or take time either in person or virtually with close friends or other communities for support. Community can be hugely helpful for women who are feeling stuck and burnt out.

Full Survey Report

The full survey is available below, please reach out to us if you’re interested in discussing further.

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