3 Successful Influencer TikToks for CPG Brands

January 26, 2021

Influencer marketing is constantly evolving and brands are always on the lookout for new ways to reach consumers. With brands beginning to dip their toes into TikTok, influencers are diving in headfirst and producing engaging content on the social platform.

With over 800 million users worldwide, TikTok has the scale to reach your target audience. The platform is user-friendly, and provides a robust creative outlet – opening up opportunities for shopper marketers and influencers to promote sponsored content in many categories, such as recipes, beauty, cleaning supplies, and more.

Our influencer community has taken hold of TikTok and created inspiring and fun content for our clients. Here’s just a few from some of our recent campaigns: 

1. @cameronfromwalmart_ for KitKat’s New Flavor Launch

Walmart’s very own TikTtok celebrity, Cameron, knocked it out of the park for KitKat’s new flavor launch – Birthday Cake. This TikTok alone generated over 200,000 views, contributing to the campaign’s total TikTok views of over 500K!


#ad show @kitkat how you take your break using their jingle and the new #birthdaycakekitkat @walmart ! #sweepstakes#birthdaycakekitkat#challenge

♬ original sound – Camo dancer

2. @samjennika for Hershey Halloween 2020

Jennika never fails to produce high-quality and fun content for brands, and this Tik-Tok is no exception. With a campaign goal to drive awareness of new HERSHEY halloween candy, she took an engaging spin on her love for  REESE’s FrankenCups. Driving over 5,500 views – we’d call that a delicious success!


#AD Don’t miss new REESE’s FrankenCups at @walmart. They are cute and delicious! #HersheyWalmartHalloween

♬ original sound – Sam and Jennika

3. @cooklikeamother for Kraft’s Big Game

With over 380,000 followers, this mom and influencer knew how to reach Kraft’s target shopper by showcasing her family enjoying an easy recipe and a night of football.


#ad Brought to you by Walmart, Kraft Heinz and Dixie! For more inspiration head to the link in my bio! #WalmartBigGameMVPs

♬ original sound – Lauren Bower

These three TikToks are just a glimpse of what our community has already created for brands. Tap into our influencer community to create organic TikToks, and we can boost the top performing posts with paid. By adding a TikTok component to your campaigns, you are opening the door for additional creativity, larger reach, and more. 

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