Women Predict 2021: UPDATED Feb 2021

December 21, 2020

2021 was a year like no other. Not surprisingly, women are viewing the new year differently than they have in the past.  In December of 2020 and then again in February 2021, we fielded our annual Predictions survey and over 1,400 SheSpeaks members weighed in to give their thoughts and insights about what’s in store for 2021.  Women shared their thoughts on a wide range of topics including how they feel about the New Year, what they most want to accomplish, how they will use social media and how they feel about the direction the country is heading. 

Key Highlights
  • While 31% of women are not optimistic about their personal finances, they are optimistic about the economy. Year-over-year 21% more say it will improve.
  • Women are ambivalent about social platforms yet they say their use of social platforms will increase by 32% in 2021.
The Top 3 Things Women Want Most in 2021:

             #1:. Lose weight

             #2. Organize their home

             #3. Spend more time with Family (not living in their home)

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