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How to Activate Influencers on Pinterest in 2024: Ad Tools You Need to Know About

November 15, 2023

The SheSpeaks team has been activating influencers on Pinterest for years.

Over the last year Pinterest has been innovating it’s tools for advertisers.

At this year’s, ‘Pinterest Presents,’ Pinterest’s annual advertiser summit, the team revealed the trends and innovations shaping the influencer marketing landscape. The event showcased product launches, including new ad formats and AI-powered tools, as well as advancements to existing features.

Since its launch in 2010, Pinterest has become a hub for creative users to express their own personal styles & visions. As influencer marketing has taken a stronghold on the consumer marketing strategy, Pinterest has continued to grow into a user base of 200 million active users that are interested in not only finding products & brands they love, but also shopping for them as they pin. With this highly engaged user base, Pinterest proceeds to capitalize on the opportunity to build out new, exciting features from both the organic and paid perspectives.

Keep reading to learn what Pinterest features we’re excited most about at SheSpeaks for 2024.

Innovative New Ad Formats

Pinterest unveiled two new ad formats available now: Showcase ads and Quiz ads. These ad formats aim to reach audiences from the product discovery stage to the point of purchase, which is perfect for brands looking to boost their e-commerce sales.

Showcase ads feature a collection of multiple Pins in one ad unit. Each Pin can link out to a website, making it easy for advertisers to highlight various products or styles to appeal to their unique audiences and give audiences the information they want to make a purchase.

Quiz ads introduce an interactive audience experience. Advertisers can ask their audience custom questions, and the audience will see personalized results based on their answers. Want to learn all about your targeted audience? This is a great opportunity to gather data and insights via customizable Quiz ads!

What’s Next?

Pinterest also shared a sneak peek into an upcoming AI-powered tool, Creative Studio. This innovative visualization feature uses generative AI to create unique product imagery — giving companies and brands of all sizes access to tailored, aesthetically appealing creative.

Sabrina Ellis, Chief Product Officer at Pinterest, said, “We’ve seen that lifestyle images on average drive significantly higher clickthrough rates than simple product images, but creating eye-catching, high-quality creative can be expensive and resource-heavy…With Creative Studio, businesses can generate scenes for their next campaign in a snap, no photoshoot required.” 

This feature allows advertisers to make their Pins more customized and shoppable than ever. In the future, Pinterest wants Creative Studio to dynamically tailor ads to each individual person — an exciting development for the future of personalized social media advertising.

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