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Drive Sales with Add-to-Cart Functionality in Influencer Posts

December 9, 2020

E-commerce is constantly evolving, and it’s more important than ever to make the process as seamless as possible for your shopper. With add-to-cart functionality, we can make it as easy for your shopper to add products into a digital cart, as it is to add them to a physical cart. 

Take your targeted shoppers from browsing their social feeds, directly to their online shopping cart with one click. Check out this post from @simplyfalaksid where shoppers were able to add the product directly to their Walmart cart. 

By adding this functionality to your influencer campaigns, you are shortening the standard path to purchase.

It can automatically detect product stock status in real time at your desired retailer, the moment the shopper clicks the link.  In the event the product is out of stock, it automatically adds your desired backup product to the cart. 

Have more than one product you’re featuring? No problem. You can bundle and add multiple products at once – great for recipes and scale campaigns. 

If applicable, you can also give the shopper options for which retailer they’d like to check out on. 

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