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Influencer Content That Works

August 16, 2021

We love sharing influencer content that resonates with audiences. That’s why we’re excited to kick-off a new series called: Influencer Content That Works!

In each post for this series, we will spotlight successful influencer posts that resonate and point out why we think they work to connect with audiences.  So, here we go:

1. @Sarafortune for Fresh Gourmet at Sam’s Club:

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A post shared by Sarah Fortune Gill (@sarahfortune)

Why It Works: This post went up just as warmer weather was emerging! Months of people cooped up in doors made this tasty summer charcuterie board even more appealing and really connected with Sara’s followers.

2. @Doughmestichousewife aka Holly Thomas for Olay at Walmart:

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A post shared by Holly Thomas (@doughmestichousewife)

Why It Works: This post featuring Olympic Gymnastics gold medalist Jordyn Wieber included Holly’s daughter, Taylor who most of her followers knows is a rising gymnastics competitor herself.  Taylor is featured in the video with Jordyn and gets the chance to do gymnastics with her idol! Followers of the @Doughmestichousewife delighted in seeing Taylor meet Jordyn and loved the content. Additionally, the post is very timely as the Olympics was just wrapping up and gymnastics was heavily featured this year.

3. @Thiswortheylife aka Tatanisha and Derrick Worthey for Fresh Gourmet at Sam’s Club:

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A post shared by Tatanisha + Derrick Worthey (@thiswortheylife)

Why It Works: The Worthey’s are known by their followers as a loving couple. In this post, they share how they spend time together and have a playful exchange in the 3 image post. The interactions captured in the post are genuine and resonate with The Worthey’s followers.

Be on the lookout for new posts in this blog series. We can’t wait to share more!

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