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Influencer Content That Works: A Series

September 2, 2021

We recently launched a new series called: Influencer Content That Works – showcasing influencer content that resonates with audiences.

In each post for this series, we spotlight successful influencer posts that resonate and point out why we think they work to connect with audiences.  Let’s see what’s new this week:

1. @jordyn_wieber for Hershey’s at Walmart:

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Why It Works: As the University of Arkansas Razorbacks gymnastic’s coach, Jordyn was the perfect fit for this timely and local influencer campaign. Promoting REESE’S NEW Peanut Butter Footballs at the Razorback Home Opener, her content (shot on the Razorback football field) was definitely relevant! 

2. @kinyaclaiborne for Olay Vitamin C Launch at Walmart:

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Why It Works: We love a good product launch, and this new line of Olay Vitamin C + Peptides lineup at Walmart has definitely generated excitement through influencer content. SheSpeaks influencers, including Kinya Clairborne, not only posted about the amazing product benefits, they paired their posts with a giveaway – giving away the hero products and an Orangetheory membership. Kinya’s post has a 5.2% engagement rate, which is 400% better than industry benchmark and still climbing. The organic engagement on these posts are booming, and the giveaway prizes are the perfect pair to promote #OlayGoesOrange.

3. for Pampers Pure at Walmart:

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Why It Works: What’s better than a cute baby on Instagram? Not much 🙂 The content from this campaign, and specifically from, is truly authentic. Authenticity is absolutely key when selecting influencers for campaigns, and when they are creating content for your brand. 

Be on the lookout for more posts in this blog series. 

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