Episode 136

Breaking News & Barriers with Cheddar News Anchor Hena Doba

June 20, 2023

In this episode, we speak with Hena Doba, a 20-year career journalist and anchor at Cheddar News. We talk about her professional & empathetic coverage of some of the biggest news stories of our lifetime,  such as 9/11 and Sandy Hook. Hena also shares with us how she rose in her career despite discrimination and the pushback for her to be on TV.  You’ll learn some more about how to never give up on your career goals and have patience through the journey.

  • 2:49 Education is Key
  • 3:58 Humble Beginnings at a Small Town News Station
  • 5:13 Covering 9/11 and Experiencing Racism
  • 10:12 Sandy Hook and Empathy in Journalism
  • 15:33 Tough Career Choice: Leaving CBS for Cheddar News
  • 17:27 Where is News Going?
  • 19:20 Her Favorite Interview
  • 20:57 The #1 Skill You Need for Journalism
  • 22:00 Creating Balance in Life as a News Anchor
  • 23:24 Streaming Vs. Traditional Media
  • 25:33 Advice For Her Younger Self

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