Episode 170

Addressing Content Creator Mental Health with Gigi Robinson

March 6, 2024

Join us as we sit down with Gen-Z content creator, mental health and chronic illness speaker & advocate, Gigi Robinson. Gigi was a guest on the show back in 2022 and walks us through her own personal journey, working to overcome personal health struggles and advocating for content creators in regard to pay and mental health. You’ll hear how Gigi’s work on both of these topics helped earn her two separate invitations to the White House. 

We talk about the the challenges of the fast-paced, ever-changing digital landscape and how content creators have to blance negativity and managing their mental health. Gigi shares her initiative to create a dedicated Mental Health Day for Creators,  shedding light on the urgent need for mental health resources within the creator space. Gigi also discusses authenticity, advocacy, why creators need to create a personal brand. 

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