Episode 146

From Debt to Seven Figure Blog: Making Sense of Cents with Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

September 13, 2023

On this episode, we talk to Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of Making Sense of Cents to discuss her remarkable journey from a mountain of student loan debt to full-time travel and 7-figure blogging. Learn about affiliate marketing, financial independence, and the power of a positive money mindset.  Her longstanding and popular site,  Making Sense of Cents has helped audiences tackle money issues and learn how to make money online.  Alongside her family, Michell now sails around the world in the winter and drives cross country in the summer with her family. She has been featured on Forbes, Time Magazine, CNBC, Business Insider, and now our podcast to share her insights. 

Other topics we cover in our conversation:

  • How Michelle paid off her debt in seven months
  • How blogging has evolved today 
  • How you can make money online 
  • Why Money is Such an Emotional Topic
  • What is a Digital Nomad?
  • What life is like traveling full time on a sailboat and van with her family


2:50 How Michelle Started Her Blog: Making Sense of Cents

4:45 How Has Blogging Changed Since 2011?

8:44 Do People View Bloggers Differently Today?

10:42 How Michelle Got Out of $38,000 in Debt in Seven Months

12:53 Why is Money Such An Emotional Topic?

15:15 The One Major Advice Michelle Has For Being Able To Make Money Online

17:27 What is a Digital Nomad?

19:34 What Is it Like Travelling Full Time On A Sailboat With Your Family?

24:08 Growing Your Blog Through SEO and Social Media

26:29 How Has AI Changed Blogging?

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Making Sense of Cents
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