Episode 147

The Reality of Going Viral with Fashion Influencer Mollie Daniela

September 20, 2023

In this episode, we speak to Mollie Daniela, also known as The Pink Princess of content creation and founder of Fluent in Pink.  Mollie advocates for self-expression, wearing pink, fashion for all sizes, and having fun with clothes. Her content has been garnering more and more attention, with several pieces of content going viral and a feature on a Hollywood billboard for Madame Tussauds. Today, we’re talking about the side of things you don’t always see – what it’s like to go ‘viral’ and the reality of content creation, particularly for female influencers.

We also will cover:

  • Dealing with negative comments on social media.
  • Platform features – TikTok or Instagram – how creators choose to post and on which platforms
  • How content creation has changed Mollie’s life for the better.


  • 4:44 The Secret To Going Viral
  • 11:42 From Going Viral To Being On a Hollywood Billboard
  • 14:12 The Beauty of Being a Female Influencer
  • 16:22 Misogyny in The Female Influencer Space
  • 20:43 Dealing with Negativity as an Influencer
  • 25:24 Positive Comments Algorithm: TikTok or Instagram?
  • 30:39 The Benefits of Becoming a Content Creator
  • 34:16 Quitting Her Job To Pursue Content Creation Full-Time

Links and Resources

To follow Mollie:
Instagram: @molliedaniela
Tiktok: @molliedaniela
Youtube: @molliedaniela
LinkedIn: Mollie Guerrero

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