Episode 166

The Popularity of Petfluencers & Olive the Dane’s Inspiring Story

February 7, 2024

In the vast social media landscape, pet content remains a favorite, grabbing our attention with cuteness, humor, and heartwarming moments. In this episode, Aliza discusses why we love ‘petfluencers’ and the positivity they bring to our feeds.

Our guest, Avanti Fernandes, shares the remarkable story behind her account, Olive & Daisy.   When Olive went from a normal, playful puppy to being completely paralyzed, Avanti refused to give up on her and began to chronicle Olive’s journey on Instagram, along with her rescue, Daisy.  By documenting Olive’s story, Avanti has been able to build a supportive community, access resources for Olive, and help raise awareness for special needs dogs.   

  • 05:44 How Connections on Instagram Helped Avanti Learn to Care For Her Disabled Dog
  • 07:15 Advocating For Awareness and Pet Responsibility
  • 12:02 Avanti’s Goals for Olive & Daisy and How To Tell Their Story
  • 15:09 The Online Support of a Community

Links and Resources

You can follow Avanti and Olive on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/olive_thedane/

You can also check out this feature from The Dodo  on Olive. 

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