Episode 173

The Sharenting Dilemma: Should Kids Be Featured on Social Media?

March 27, 2024

In this week’s episode, Aliza welcomes Joey Fortman, an original mom influencer or “mom blogger.”   While she’s no longer in the influencer/creator space, Joey offers the perspective of someone who has seen the industry from the beginning. In this episode, we tackle the evolution of influencer content, the role of children in social media, their right and privacy,  and the ethical considerations surrounding the use of family in social media content.  They discuss these topics stemming from an article in Cosmopolitan, The Parenting Influencers Who Won’t Stop Posting Their Children. 

Aliza and Joey also explore the topics in this article, as well as the dynamic landscape of content creation, touching on the shifting perspectives, the monetization of family life, and the impact on children thrust into the social media spotlight. 

Episode Highlights

  • Origins of Mom Influencers: Joey Fortman reflects on her transition from radio hosting to launching a blog in 2008 after a period of postpartum depression and identity struggle as a new mom.
  • Evolution of Content Creation: The conversation explores the shift from documenting family histories to the emergence of influencer marketing.
  • Ethical Dilemmas: The discussion addresses the “Sharanting Reckoning” article and the ethical considerations around featuring children in content, and the blurred lines between sharing family experiences and the rights of children.
  • Impact on Children: The podcast delves into the implications of portraying children in social media content, including considerations of consent, privacy, and long-term effects on their well-being.

In this episode, also hear from Joey about  her journey from working as a radio host to becoming a pioneer in the influencer space, particularly in the mom blogging community. She discusses how she turned to blogging as an outlet during a challenging time and delves into the transformation of influencer marketing through personal experiences.

Links & Resources

You can find Joey here:  https://joeyfortman.com/

Article referenced above:
The Parenting Influencers Who Won’t Stop Posting Their Children by Fortesa Latifi

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