Episode 139

Why Everyone Needs A Personal Brand with Aliza Licht

July 19, 2023

In this episode, our guest is DKNY’s PR star,  Aliza Licht.  Aliza was the anonymous voice behind DKNY’s social media, left her career to set out for entrepreneurship and rebrand herself.  She is now the author of Leave Your Mark and On Brand, where she explains how and why everyone should brand themselves to uplift their presence and career.

In this episode, you’ll hear

  • What it’s like rebranding yourself after a major career shift
  • Finding your narrative and goal
  • How to do a personal audit of yourself and find your superpower 
  • Why the power of networking shouldn’t be overlooked


  • 2:45 The Face Behind DKNY’s PR
  • 6:59 Major Career Shifts + Starting From Scratch
  • 10:40 Start with Self Reflection
  • 13:05 How You Can Change Your Perception
  • 15:11 Time for a Self Audit
  • 17:27 Build Relationships

Links & Resources

Website : https://alizalicht.com/


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