Episode 140

How to Check in With Yourself with Michelle Grosser

July 26, 2023

In this episode, we speak to Michelle Grosser from The Calm Mom podcast about how to be more in tune with yourself. She teaches us how we can check in with our emotions, especially in the midst of busy, daily lives and ensure our values, boundaries, and needs are being met.

We also cover:

  • How to acknowledge your inner critic and “Mom Guilt”
  • Understanding your life goes through seasons. You’re not stuck and how to move past that feeling. 
  • Daily resources that can help busy women 
  • The importance of setting a mission statement and boundaries in your personal life 


  • 3:23 From Lawyer To Podcaster
  • 5:46 Are You Meant to Follow A Different Path?
  • 11:40 Acknowledging The Seasons In Your Life
  • 15:21 You’re Not Stuck, You Are In A Season
  • 18:48 Thank Your Inner Critic
  • 21:13 Getting In Touch With Yourself Through Journaling
  • 23:51 Daily Practices To Check In With Yourself
  • 25:32 Mom Guilt and Giving Yourself Grace
  • 28:21 Letting Go of What Doesn’t Serve Us
  • 29:43 Understanding Your Values and Boundaries

Links & Resources

To connect with Michelle:
Instagram: @michellegrosser.coach


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