June 4, 2019 SheSpeaksInc

SheSpeaks Baby Care: Consumer Insights 2019

In 2019 SheSpeaks commissioned our Baby Care study with the goal of better understanding:
– What drives Moms’ purchase intent
– How Moms are engaging in social & with Baby Care brands in social
– What causes mom to experiment & engage with new Baby Care brands and products
– What is the role of dads in today’s decision-making processes

Our 3 Topline Findings from the Baby Care Study:
1) Facebook Engagement is Down and Instagram Engagement is Up for Moms:
While Facebook is still important as a resource for finding out about baby products, the importance of the platform has declined while Instagram has increased. Pinterest has also decreased slightly and importantly not grown in importance as a product resource over the last 2 years.
2)  Product Reviews on Commerce Sites Is More Important Than Before for Moms:
The importance of product reviews in driving purchase decisions has increased significantly since 2017 representing a 16% increase.
3)  Dad’s Involvement In Purchase Decisions Has Decreased:
Perhaps surprisingly, our surveying shows, according to Moms, Dads are less involved in purchase decisions then they were in 2017 representing a 9% drop.
You can find the full report below. We hope that you find it useful. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Carol Milliron at [email protected]