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SheSpeaks Holiday Shopping Survey 2022

November 30, 2022

For the 10th year in a row, we fielded our annual SheSpeaks Holiday Shopping Survey.  Over 1,500 women from the SheSpeaks community across the U.S. completed the study.

One key insight is that although, the recession is on womens’ minds, they say it will not impact their holiday spending.

The following are some of the insights from this year’s study along with trend analysis. We have also included a handy infographic below.

SheSpeaks 2022 Holiday Shopping Women’s Buying Behavior Index

Key Takeaways:
1) Women are more concerned about the economy as well as their personal/family finances this holiday season vs. 2021.

  • 38% of women say that they are “concerned” about their personal finances. A 36% increase vs. 2021
  • 64% of women believe that the US economy is declining. A 19% increase over 2021. 

2) Women plan to spend the same this year as they did last year during the holiday season despite their assessment of personal finances and a declining economy.

  • Will Spend More this Holiday Season: 11%
  • Will Spend The Same: 48%
  • Will Spend Less: 41%

Women say the #1 factor (65%) that will determine how much she will spend is her personal/family finances. And those numbers are down year over year (36% from bullet #1 above). According to Aliza Freud, CEO, SheSpeaks, “You would expect women to say their spending will be down this year vs. last year but it is virtually the same. However, when we delved into specific categories, women said their spend would be down year over year in EVERY category.”
3) Women are feeling the exact same top 4 emotions this holiday season as they did last year.

  • #1 Overwhelmed
  • #2 Grateful
  • #3 Hopeful
  • #4 Uncertain

4) Women are planning to be back in store vs. buying all online (there was a 18% drop in people saying they will purchase all online) AND women plan to head back to stores for Black Friday. 

  • Women Will be Shopping Later This Year: 48% will shop before Thanksgiving in 2022 vs. 56% in 2021
  • Black Friday Shopping is Back: 50% of women say that they plan to shop on Black Friday and increase of 17% year over year.

Interested in more data from our Holiday Shopping Survey or want to discuss implications for your brand, please contact us.  

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