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The ABCs of Influencer Marketing to Gen Z

April 19, 2023

Gen Z has grown up on social media. This makes their generation highly sensitive to advertising – and they scroll past inauthentic sponsored content every day. Yet 80% of Gen Z follow and/or interact with brands online, so even with such a wary audience, brands can succeed by deploying influencer authentic and relatable influencer content.

Based on our experience running Gen Z influencer marketing campaigns, SheSpeaks has developed our ABC’s to succeed with influencer marketing to Gen Z:

  • Lean into organic trends to create more engaging sponsored content: Sponsored content performs better when it doesn’t stand out from organic content. For example, food and beverage brands can insert themselves into, “What I Eat in a Day” or “Get Ready/Get Unready With Me” morning/night video routines. 
  • Find your corner of TikTok: #Selfcare has over 33 billion views on TikTok because it resonates with Gen Z creators and consumers and can deliver higher impressions, reach, and engagement rates. 
  • Test and learn various platforms: Try out different influencers, content types, themes, platforms, and trends to learn what works, and then optimize.
  • Let the GenZ influencers lead:  Provide Influencers with brand guidelines, but keep creative briefs simple. No one knows what resonates better than Gen Z influencers themselves. Their content performs infinitely better when they are allowed to bring their own creativity to the table. 
  • Don’t over complicate your call to action: Make it easy to complete the shopping journey by providing a discount code on screen, in caption, or via TikTok Spark Ads. Gen Z can also establish a connection between brand and retailer with an add-to-cart link. 

Want more details and some examples? Check out the entire white paper below.

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