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The Powerful Impact of Female Influencers

May 23, 2022

In a world where social media is dominated by women, it’s no wonder that female influencers are on the rise. Female influencers have a unique ability to connect with their followers and create authentic relationships. They use social media to share their lives and passions and their followers trust their recommendations. Brands are beginning to catch on to the power of these influencers and are now investing more money in marketing campaigns that involve them. If you’re looking for ways to connect with your audience, look no further than the power of female influencers.

Approximately 84% of all social media influencers are women. The rise of the female influencer began years ago with “mommy bloggers” posting about parenting, relationships, and their lifestyle. These women, many of whom became accidental entrepreneurs, were writing about their lives as parents and sharing tips on everything from pregnancy to potty training. For many of these early influencers, mom blogs started off as small side projects. Then brands caught on to the power of their loyal audiences: moms taking advice and product recommendations from other moms. Check out the image below from one of our earliest SheSpeaks campaigns!

A blog post from one of our earliest SheSpeaks campaigns!

The growth of platforms like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok allowed the mom bloggers to grow their followings and kicked off a new generation of female influencers. Today, female influencers are some of the most impactful players in the influencer marketing space, with their loyal engaged audiences, the ability to reach hundreds of millions of people and power to drive serious results for brands.

Female influencers are also moving the needle for brands that tap into their engaged networks. Increasingly detailed analytics indicate that female influencers are driving results through the purchase funnel, from awareness to consideration to sales. Brands can now not only see awareness metrics like impressions, reach and engagements but also purchase metrics like clicks, add-to-carts and sales lift.

An influencer post driving directly to the follower’s Walmart shopping cart – a great example of the evolution of influencer marketing!

As social media engagement continues to evolve, female influencers have shown their staying power. As long as these influencers can continue to build and engage their audiences, brands should look for ways to partner with them and tap into their power to influence.

While influencer marketing is constantly evolving, it’s here to stay. 

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