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What Do Mom’s Want Most This Mother’s Day? Self-Care Tops the List

May 4, 2021

2020 was an unprecedented year for everyone and moms have certainly not been an exception. Coronavirus and the ensuing quarantine have meant that mothers have even more thrown into their already busy lives.  Mothers have been acting as caregivers, teachers and earners all at the same time. 

So, what do moms want most this Mother’s Day?  We surveyed over 1,300 SheSpeaks members to find out.

Most importantly, moms are recognizing the need to “recharge their batteries” in order to be better parents, partners, friends and everything else! “Self-care” came up over and over in our study.

Mom influencers are increasingly talking about the importance of self-care with their followers.  With this in mind, SheSpeaks worked with our influencers to create self-care content for CVS this Mother’s Day. This content is truly resonating with their followers, with engagement rates 600% greater than the Instagram average. 

Here are three examples, all with strong engagement:

Commenters on these posts are sharing their support for the message:

Here are some other topline insights from our SheSpeaks survey:

  • Marketers have an opportunity to improve messaging during Mother’s Day.

Just 26% of respondents think that Mother’s Day ads demonstrate an understanding of mom’s needs and wants. Additionally, only 35% say that ads are effective at getting family members to buy gifts moms want.

Ads that resonate the most with respondents are those that show moms relaxing and getting away from it all.

  • Although many moms want to spend Mother’s Day with family and friends, 33% would prefer to spend at least part of the day alone and another 11% would prefer to spend the day alone.
  • Gifts for Mother’s Day do no need to be material. Survey respondents cited Cards as the #1 thing they wanted to receive this Mother’s Day followed by “an activity we can do together” and Flowers came in at #3.

The good news is that respondents are feeling optimistic this year as Mother’s Day is upon us and looking forward to the day. Just 10% say that they will not be celebrating Mother’s Day this year. 

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