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Women Predict 2022 – Results from our latest survey!

December 8, 2021

The time of year is here, our yearly Women’s 2022 Predictions! This year we received 1266 responses from the SheSpeaks community. We asked women about all kinds of topics, from their social media usage, 2022 goals, and economic outlook to current emotions.

Here are three key insights from the results, check out the deck below for more! 

  1. The Pandemic Has Caused Trauma and Ongoing Anxiety. In 2019, 60% of the SheSpeaks Predictions survey respondents felt excited and optimistic about entering 2020. After a year plus of economic hardship, job loss, and pandemic trauma, the optimism seems to have faded with a consecutive 27% drop in anticipation for the new year.

  2. Self Care and Progression will be the Theme of 2022. With improving fitness, optimizing organization, and doing more for well-being, self-care will remain a common goal amongst women. In 2022, 61% of women will be placing their energy into building strength and improving fitness. Organization of the home and increasing travel have the most significant year-over-year difference in this category. Many women (51%) have also reported the desire to learn a new skill either through reading, listening to podcasts, or joining a class.

  3. The Growing Desire for Connection Strengthening relationships with family and friends seems to be the most sought-after accomplishment for women in the upcoming year. Up 15% from last year, 61% of women hope to spend more time with family & friends. For singles, the desire for connection in the form of a new love interest has also increased by 75% from 2020! 

Women Predict 2022 from SheSpeaks Inc.

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