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SheSpeaks Holiday Shopping Survey 2021

November 29, 2021


We fielded our annual SheSpeaks Holiday Shopping Survey this October, to gauge our members emotions and plans for the upcoming Holiday season.  Over 1200 SheSpeaks members responded, following are some of the insights we heard from them.

Holiday Emotions

The top emotion felt by SheSpeaks members in October was “Grateful”, which was a change in just one month from another survey asking the same question in September, when the #1 result was “Uncertain.”  “Hopeful” as the #2 emotion, followed closely by “Overwhelmed” and “Uncertain.”

Top Emotions Heading into the Holiday Season

Holiday Spending and Shopping

SheSpeaks members are slightly more positive about their family finances this year, but surprisingly, that’s not the number one driver of how they’ll spend this holiday season.

Holiday Shopping Drivers 2021

The #1 factor that will determine how much women will spend this holiday season is store sales and promotions, while in 2020 the number #1 factor was family finances.  The survey also showed continuing concern about product availability, as product and retailer supply chain issues have been widely reported in the press.  

In terms of overall spending, the community is feeling more positive this year, with 10% of respondents reporting they plan to spend more this year, vs. just 5% in 2020.  

Planned Increase in Spending, 2021 vs. 2020

In terms of the overall economy, women are still very pessimistic, with 53% believing that the economy will decline, and only 10% believing it will improve.

If if feels like the holiday season begins earlier every year, our members agree.  56% reported that they’ll start shopping before Thanksgiving this year, vs. only 48% a year ago.  Themed shopping days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Small Business Saturday are also big shopping draws.

Shopping Starts Early in 2021

Interested in more data from our Holiday Shopping Survey?  Please contact us and we’d be happy to share.  

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