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Women Predict 2023 – Results from our latest survey!

January 5, 2023

The time of year is here, our yearly Women’s 2023 Predictions! This year we received 1457 responses from the SheSpeaks community. We asked women about all kinds of topics, from their social media usage, 2023 goals, and economic outlook to current emotions.

Here are some key insights from the results, check out the infographic below for more!

Women Disconnect Personal Financial Situation from Overall Economic Outlook

  • 70% of those polled say that the #1 issue of concern to them in 2023 is the economy.
  • 64% believe the U.S. economy is declining (a 19% increase over 2021), yet plan to spend the same for the holidays as last year.
  • More women believe the economy will continue to decline in 2023 (41%) vs those who believe it will improve (23%).
  • Despite this, more women believe that their own financial situation will improve (35%) vs decline (16%) in 2023.

 Women Feeling the Long-tail Emotional Toll of COVID

  • Only 42% of women say they are excited for the New Year.
  • While this is consistent with 2021 and 2020, it’s significantly lower than 2019 when 60% said they were excited for the New Year.
  • This was evident in the Top 4 emotions: only 41% of women said they are feeling “Hopeful,” while in the pre-COVID 2020 survey 75% were feeling “Hopeful.”

 2023 Will be the Year of Reconnecting and Learning Something New

  • The #1 thing women want to accomplish in 2023 is spend more time with friends & family (66%) – up 10% form last year.
  • #2 is learning something new (1 in 2 women) through a class, reading or podcast
  • Rounding out the top of the list are: Building strength/stamina/fitness (63%), getting my home organized (59%), traveling more (50%) and getting my finances in order (47%).

 Twitter Gets Thumbs Down While YouTube Gets the Big Thumb Up

  • A whopping 100% more women said they would decrease (22%) their usage of Twitter vs increase (11%)
  • YouTube will be the big winner with more than 1 in 2 women (54%) planning to increase their use of the platform.
  • 70% of women reported liking YouTube while only 36% reported liking Twitter.

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