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SheSpeaks builds activations that deliver compelling brand content and scalable social amplification with powerful insights. Contact us to learn more.

Influencer Marketing Programs

Together, we define campaign goals & develop a Social Marketing strategy driven by Influencers. Influencers create engaging custom branded social content across key platforms to generate strong word of mouth sharing.

Content Development & Social Amplification

We guarantee campaign metrics and provide full transparency in reporting. We can report on media metrics as well as Brand Health Metrics.

SheSpeaksTV Social Video

SheSpeaksTV is a YouTube channel featuring high-quality content targeted at Women & Millennial Moms. Content is created by women for women across topics crowdsourced from the community!

Broad-Scale Product Sampling & Reviews

With a broad consumer database of 250K influencers, we demo & geo-target and sample your products to drive reviews. Review content generates strong SEO for brands.

In-Store Events/Traffic Drives

Through our data-oriented platform, SheSpeaks drives influencers to on-site event locations and in-store across geo-locations.

Custom Research & Insight Studies

SheSpeaks produces on-demand research panels as well as in-depth studies & focus groups with our statistically relevant database of 250K influencers.

SheSpeaks Unboxed

Limited edition, themed sample boxes across categories. Unboxed is designed to create a brand experience that inspires influencers and generates WOM!

Media Distribution

SheSpeaks Publisher Partnerships (Meredith, Time Inc, Conde, etc.) extends the reach of branded Influencer content. Custom Influencer ad units integrate Influencer Content to drive 8% – 30% higher CTR across Paid Media of your content.

Activate Influencers To Create Compelling Content that Reaches Millions.

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Winner PR Daily 2013 Social Media Award

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Case Studies

See our results, insights, and white label branded platforms.

Kmart 2016 Holiday #Shoppingisfunagain

Kmart 2016 Holiday #Shoppingisfunagain

#GameDayTraditions Influencer Activation

#GameDayTraditions Influencer Activation

P&G and Walmart Logos


P&G wanted to inspire moms and football fans to rely on P&G product purchased at Walmart for their Game Day Traditions

Influencer Videos

Our influencers created three sponsored videos on YouTube channels:

  • SheSpeaksTV
  • The LaVigne Life
  • Millennial Moms


We hosted a giveaway to drive social sharing and views of the SheSpeaksTV video

Twitter Activation

  • We executed an hour-long #GameDayTraditions Twitter party on 11/7.
  • Special guest Mama McCourty participated.
  • We shared branded key messages with a large audience.

Blogger Activation

  • We targeted & enrolled members to receive & try P&G’s featured product.
  • Bloggers wrote posts to share their Game Day Traditions and incorporated P&G and Walmart into their content.
  • Bloggers shared their posts on their social channels.

Key Achievements

The SheSpeaks #GameDayTraditions Twitter Activation generated a surge in conversation, reaching the #7 spot on the top trending topics list in the United States! Trending drives signification awareness & amplification of the campaign.

Surpassed Reach & Impression Goals

Content, social conversation and engagement helped #GameDayTraditions generate more than 158MM impressions & reach 17.5MM people over the course of the campaign.

Quality Content Engaged Target Consumer

#GameDayTraditions empowered SheSpeaks high-tier Influencers to drive meaningful content on YouTube, blogs and social about the seasonally relevant topic of the NFL, which generated buzz & authentic conversation for P&G at Walmart.

User-Generated Content Was Leveraged By Brand

Social sharing on Twitter and Instagram with the campaign hashtag #GameDayTraditions was featured on the P&G and Walmart microsite

Exceeded Key Performance Indicators

#GameDayTraditions Engaged Moms W35+ Target. The program exceeded the KPIs of 80 MM Impressions, 4MM People Reached, and 125 Blog Posts. Program achieved more than 4x Reach goal and nearly 2x Impressions goal!


  • Reach: 17,788,977
  • Impressions: 158,858,755
  • Tweets: 16,461
  • Unique People Tweeting: 2,538
  • Blog Posts: 136
  • YouTube Videos: 3
  • YouTube Views: 352,405

Program Highlights: SheSpeaks Twitter Party Achievements

Inspired Quality Conversation

SheSpeaks, Mama McCourty, and P&G brands shared branded key messages and inspired participants to share their #GameDayTraditions.

Engaged Brand Advocates

The Twitter Party gave P&G and Walmart advocates a forum to share their positive brand experiences to a wide audience and inspired purchases.

Program Highlights: Blogger Activation Achievements

Bloggers Reached A Large Audience

136 blog posts were posted, reaching a combined audience of more than 1.8 million unique monthly visitors.

Bloggers Drove Social Sharing

  • Bloggers shared their posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the campaign hashtag #GameDayTraditions.
  • Social content from bloggers was featured on Walmart’s

Timely Content Featured Brands

  • Bloggers received and tried P&G home care or beauty and grooming products.
  • 12 P&G products were featured in the posts and were
    highlighted with original photography.
  • Bloggers posted buzzworthy content during the NFL season & leading up to the Big Game.

“My husband loves to invite friends over for the Big Game. With three kids, we usually have a some cleaning to do before everyone arrives. I can buy everything I need from cleaning products to the food at Walmart! They have everything you need to keep your Game Day Traditions going.” – @TheTipToeFairy

Program Highlights: YouTube Achievements

Videos Viewed 350,000+ Times

Collectively, the videos generated:


Content Was Engaging & Timely

  • SheSpeaksTV featured Game Day prep tips from NFL mom Mama McCourty
  • Millennial Moms made a comedy video where P&G products save the day for Mom
  • The LaVigne Life created a Get Ready With Us video to show their game day routine

Brands Were Featured

  • P&G hero products and Walmart branding was featured prominently in all three videos.
  • Millennial Moms and the LaVigne Life videos both showed in-depth product use clips from beauty and home care P&G brands.
  • Videos linked to Walmart microsite above the fold in the video description.
    Influencers shared the videos on their social channels with hashtag #GameDayTraditions.
2016: What Women Really Want Research

2016: What Women Really Want Research

2016 What Women Want_Makovsky_SheSpeaks

Gillette Pro Glide Product Launch

Gillette Pro Glide Product Launch

Case Study Type: Influencer Social Video Strategy


Gillette Pro Glide Razors Launch




Leveraging Social Video Across Platforms




Gillette Venus Swirl Product Launch with SheSpeaks

Gillette Venus Swirl Product Launch with SheSpeaks

Case Study Type: Influencer Social Video Strategy



Father’s Day Dilemma Case Study

Case Study: SheSpeaksTv & Braun Razors Social Video

Father's Day Dilemma


L’Oreal #AskHairGenius Influencer Content Calendar

L’Oreal #AskHairGenius Influencer Content Calendar

Influencer Content Calendar




Create a Consistent Social Voice to Garner Deep Earned Engagement

Product Reviews Infographic

Product Reviews Infographic


Moms & Snacking Infographic

Moms & Snacking Infographic


Video Infographic

Video Infographic


Swiffer Case Study

Swiffer Case Study

Swiffer Case Study


To help increase awareness of Swiffer Sweep & Trap available at Walmart.

  • Twitter Party
  • Recruited bloggers to create blog posts about #NewFromSwiffer.
  • SheSpeaks hosted a member giveaway on

9.1MM earned media impressions
3.1MM total people reached
60 blog posts



Mr. Clean Case Study

Mr. Clean Case Study

Mr. Clean Case Study


To help increase awareness of Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle and its availability at Walmart

  • Blogger Activation and Twitter Party
  • Recruited 75 bloggers to test product and write posts
  • Hosted a Twitter Party to build awareness
  • SheSpeaks hosted a giveaway through the member newsletter

93 MM earned media impressions
7.3MM total people reached
13k+ tweets
75 blog posts

Mr. Clean 3

Mr Clean 2

Mr Clean 1

Women Predict 2015 Survey

Women Predict 2015 Survey

A survey of over 2,000 explains 10 Trends That Will Shape The Year.

Influencer Testimonials In Ads

Influencer Testimonials In Ads



Blogger Events


Create awareness for product launch and benefits among dog lovers


Hosted an intimate VIP blogger event with Chef Art Smith in NYC. Participants were encouraged to share their experience and key messages on social networks. Hosted a Twitter party for broader awareness


37.2 MM earned media impressions
67% increase in recommendation intent
63% increase in purchase intent
7% increase in brand favorability
#2 national trending topic on Twitter

Caption Test Test 123

Celebrity Chef Art Smith with SheSpeaks Influencer

Caption Test

Bags each blogger got to take home

Iams Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon made a guest appearance at the event


Influencers posted about the event on Facebook


Influencers Tweeted about the event


Bloogers wrote posts about what they learned at the event

Marketing to Women

Marketing to Women

A survey of over 2,000 women helps explain buying habits and forecast purchasing trends of American women.

Amex Platform

Amex Platform

A Custom Platform for American Express

Platform Amex

Leverage our proprietary software, campaign management tools and applications for a custom-branded platform. Match the face and voice or your brand with our back-end architecture for seamless, turnkey campaigns. From promotions and product testing, to surveys and content development, tap into a community of our members and your customers where you own the relationship. No need for building, coding, testing, and attracting consumers. Simply plug-in to our platform and leave the rest to us.

iVillage Digital Shopper Study

iVillage Digital Shopper Study

We partnered with iVillage to study the impact of different digital marketing tactics on women’s in-store purchase behavior, confirming the critical role of in-home, online research and the power of friend’s recommendations and coupons.

Spending in Uncertain Times

Spending in Uncertain Times

SheSpeaks surveyed our members to understand the impact of the recession on shopping behaviors, including coupon usage, changes in category purchases.

Building Communities for Insight and Advocacy

Building Communities for Insight and Advocacy

The presentation delves into the 4 key ingredients to building advocacy via online community: Shared Purpose, Connection, Recognition, and Impact.

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