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3 Trends in Influencer Marketing

April 12, 2022

Things are constantly changing within the world of influencer marketing and it’s more important than ever to stay agile and on top of trends. At SheSpeaks, we’re here to help. Let’s take a look at three trends in influencer marketing you need to know right now. 

1. Influencer rates are on the rise.

Influencer pricing is always in flux, but right now the trend is going up. The reason? More and more influencers are hiring talent managers to manage their brand partnerships, content calendars, etc. Although pricing can go up when the influencer has a manager, there are pros to this as well – better response time, more organization, and quicker negotiations. 

2. TikTok is testing Stories.

Another social media app with Stories? Yep. TikTok has launched Stories within the app, but not everyone has access just yet. Those who are included in the pilot can share a story on TikTok and will see who has viewed it similarly to Instagram. A blue ring will also appear around your profile picture, showcasing you have a story to your followers. Just like the other social platforms, the story will expire after 24. We are pretty confident this feature will be here to stay. Check out your favorite influencers on TikTok to see they are in the pilot!

Source: Unsplash

3. Everyone can tag products on Instagram.

Shopping just got even easier on Instagram. Originally, the shopping feature was only available to approved creators. Now, everyone can tag products within their photos. 

Instagram stated: 

Scored a new pair of earrings from a small business you love? Tag the product in your Feed post so your friends and followers can learn more about the earnings and shop them!! People come to Instagram to share and discover trends and inspiration. Product tagging will make it possible for anyone to support their favorite small businesses, share how they styled their looks along with the products they used, and more.” 

This new feature is not only huge for creators, but brands and businesses as well. Brands will have the option to approve/decline these tags. Does this new feature make sense for influencers to test for your product?

Source: Social Media Today

While trends come and go, influencer marketing is here to stay – no matter how much it evolves. 

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