[REPORT] How Women Shop

Over the last two years, there is no question that shopping habits have evolved. In fact, Adobe estimates that the pandemic has added a whopping $218.53 billion dollars to ecommerce since March 2020.  US ecommerce grew 14.2% in 2021.

Consumers now spend an average of $6.7 billion online each month for groceries, up from $3.1 billion pre-pandemic. Adobe expects the category to top $85 billion in 2022.

But, according to a study that SheSpeaks just completed with 1,200 respondents, women still buy the majority of their groceries in store.

A few key findings from our study:

  • 68% of women say that they buy ALL of their groceries in-store. By comparison, just 36% of beauty and grooming products are bought ALL in-store with 10% being purchase ALL online.
  • In-store purchasing for food still dominates with 67% of women reporting that they go to the store 1 or more times per week for groceries. Although 99% of women surveyed shop on Amazon.com, just 33% say that they do so 1 or more times per week. Additionally, 32% say that they shop at Walmart 1 or more times per week.
  • Walmart is by far the #1 most frequented retailer for groceries with 65% of respondents shopping there. Target is a distant #2 at 38%.
  • Free shipping is critical when shoppers decide to buy online. 74% say that it is very influential in deciding to purchase from an online retailer. Additionally, 89% will sometimes or always buy extra items to meet the free shipping minimum on an online retail site.
  • Price (89%) followed by a Good Experience with a product/service (84%) and Positive review online (62%) round out the top 3 factors that impact a purchase decision

The SheSpeaks “How Women Shop” study is chock full of important shopper insights! Please see the full report below. If you have questions please contact us! Missy.Tiller@shespeaks.com

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