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How to Choose the Right Influencers for Your Brand or Campaign

April 28, 2022

As we have discussed in the past, choosing the right influencers is a crucial step in building a successful influencer marketing campaign.

But how do you go about choosing the right influencers for your brand and campaign?  

Based on our experience running thousands of influencer campaigns over the last ten years, we have put together a list of three key things to consider when choosing influencers: 

  1. Does this influencer have the audience that I want to reach?  Don’t confuse the demographics of the influencer with the demographics of their followers – the audience is important.  Think of influencers as a media property and make sure that your influencer’s audience is in line with your target demographics. 
  2. Does the influencer have credibility in my category?  Be sure to understand the topics and type of content that an influencer’s audience expects from them.  Ask yourself: Would a post about your product/campaign would seem authentic in the influencer’s feed?
  3. Can the influencer create compelling content for my brand in the right tone?  Look at the influencers past content. Check to see if they have created posts that are compelling and match the tone that you are looking for in your content.  

Here are a few examples from current SheSpeaks campaigns to exhibit the points made above:

Cammie Scott for Fidelity Investments:

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A post shared by Camden Scott (@cammiescott)

Cammie has been sharing the experience of getting engaged and buying her first home with her partner with her audience. She can easily talk about how money has been top of mind.  The goal of this Fidelity campaign is to talk to women about money and planning so Cammie’s audience, content and authenticity all work towards the brand’s objectives.

@HomeSweetPink for Glad Cherry Blossom Trash Bags at Walmart:


#AD I finally got them! How fun is it to have pink cherry blossom trash bags? #itsallfabulous #itsallglad @The Glad Products Company @Walmart #pinktrashbag #cherryblossom #gladpinktrashbags @SheSpeaks

♬ Electro-Indie – Lynn Standafer

Mae Ritcher of @HomeSweetPink was made for the Glad Cherry Blossom campaign. As stated in her TikTok bio, she is a “collector of all things pink,” making her a perfect fit to promote the pink Glad Cherry Blossom trash bags. Not only is her aesthetic all things pink, her lifestyle content focuses on home, improving her space, organization and products she loves. These trash bags were very “on brand” for Mae, her home, and her post history. She does a wonderful job of incorporating bright/fun colors into her home in a tasteful way – and she did just that with the Cherry Blossom trash bags. 

Jordyn Wieber for Hershey’s #CelebrateSHE at Walmart:

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A post shared by Jordyn Wieber (@jordyn_wieber)

When it comes to female empowerment, there’s no better way to promote the cause than by teaming up with Olympian and Arkansas gymnastics coach, Jordyn Wieber. And that’s exactly what we did for Hershey’s #CelebrateSHE campaign at Walmart. The candy company released special edition candy bars to celebrate International Women’s month. Shoppers were encouraged to gift the candy bars to powerful and encouraging women in their lives.  

So, what do you think? Are you feeling more confident in your ability to choose the right influencers for your brand or campaign? Remember, it’s important to take all three of these factors into account when making your decision.

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