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Anatomy of A Viral Social Post

August 12, 2022

In influencer marketing, when a piece of content goes viral, it’s like hitting a gold mine.

If you want influencer content to go viral, don’t assume you need mid, mega or even celebrity influencers to do so.  Micro influencers are a fantastic option for creating viral content.

In several of our recent campaigns we’ve had pieces of content go viral. Let’s take a look at those examples and what factors should exist in order to create fertile ground for a viral influencer post. 


  1. Creative Freedom: Allow influencers to take their own spin on the content by showing off their personality and creative style while promoting your brand.
  2. Timeliness: If your content is hitting at the right time, that helps. In the examples below, the content was extremely timely.
  3. Platform Algorithm: Understand what drives the algorithm. We took advantage of Instagram’s algorithm knowing that they prioritize new features within their platform – in the examples below, Instagram Reels.
  4. Feel Good Content: People appreciate feel good content especially if it is visually engaging and elicits an emotional response. 

For Pompeian Olive Oil at Walmart, we had a piece of influencer content go viral (see below). This Reel has over 360 thousand views and is still climbing! We love how this micro influencer stayed true to her style of content while perfectly showcasing the Pompeian Olive Oil in a delicious summer recipe. Side note – we can personally attest that this recipe is AMAZING and perfect for summertime.

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A post shared by Abigail | Cooking in Brooklyn (@bon__abbetit)

For P&G Fair Play Father’s Day, we had a piece of influencer content go viral (see below). This post had a 655% view rate. That’s right, more than 6x the number of people who follow these influencers actually viewed their content. As mentioned above, this content was extremely timely as it went live during Pride Month. Not only was this content promoting Fair Play and P&G products, it was simply content that made you feel good and relate to the influencer.

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A post shared by Justin & Mo | Gay Dads (@daddy_papa_and_me_make3)

For Rustik and Gardein, we had another piece of influencer content go viral (see below) that we repurposed on SheSpeaks Instagram. Not only is this a great example of influencer content going viral in a timely manner (cozy fall weather for warm soups), it’s a great example of reusing influencer content across multiple social channels and platforms. This Instagram Reel was originally posted on the influencer’s handle and SheSpeaks reposted it and got over 30 thousand views!

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A post shared by SheSpeaks (@shespeaksup)

We love seeing our influencer content go viral and watching our campaigns blow KPIs out of the water and we’d love to help your brand do the same!

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