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Enhance Your Item Pages

July 27, 2020

Online shopping has increased over the last four months and shoppers indicate that they will continue to shop online.  Shoppers rely on item pages on retailer sites to deliver information as well as product benefits and user experiences.  You want, and need, your item pages as strong as possible, and Influencer content can help.

Kit Kat Item Pages

KIT KAT Apple Pie brand page on featuring influencer content.

Convert your browsers to buyers by enhancing your item page with Influencer content.  Content can be produced by targeted Influencers and created for a specific retailer.   Integrating influencer content onto item pages has increased the appeal of our clients’ pages.

P&G engaged influencers to create video content featured on their category page.

Influencer content can be:

  • A link to a blog post that contains detailed product education, a recipe, or lifestyle content
  • Video demonstrating the product
  • Lifestyle photo of the product in use
  • Increase ratings & reviews and build product credibility
Venus Item Pages

Venus uses influencer video content to demonstrate new product benefits

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