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Hitting Pause on Facebook Spend? No Problem.

July 28, 2020

Is your brand cutting back on Facebook and Instagram spend? While that may put a wrinkle in your media planning, we have several alternatives that will help you meet and exceed your campaign’s objectives even without spending on Facebook and Instagram.

Below are ideas for building awareness and sales for your products while Facebook and Instagram spending may be on hold.

1) Maximize ROI by Utilizing Content on Programmatic & Digital Media:

Integrating influencer content in digital programmatic ad units is proving highly successful for brands across multiple categories. In fact, one SheSpeaks client in the CPG category saw a 135% return when they used influencer images and video content in their digital ads, driving an additional $300K+ in media value.

Take any piece of existing or new influencer content and turn it into engaging display ads to be run programmatically on desktop, mobile and in app.  Need influencer content for your ad units? No problem! We can help.

2) Dial Up Influencer Content On Key Platforms

With social media usage up over 60% across platforms, influencers are seeing huge increases in engagement rates for the content they post. This holds true for both sponsored and non-sponsored content. Smart brands can take advantage of this increased engagement to build awareness.


Partner with one (or several) of our influencers to create engaging video content that lives on YouTube. The video content can be short form, long form, or live, and could be featured on the influencer’s channel and/or SheSpeaks TV, our community YouTube channel. Repurpose video content into :15 pre-roll ads to extend the life of the campaign. From product demonstrations to live Q&A, YouTube is a great option to inspire shoppers and ultimately drive sales.


Who said TikTok was only for teens? Feature your products in entertaining, quick, and easily digestible video content on TikTok.


#ad show @kitkat how you take your break using their jingle and the new #birthdaycakekitkat @walmart ! #sweepstakes#birthdaycakekitkat#challenge

♬ original sound – Camo dancer


Take your product and turn it into aspirational content for your shoppers. Engage our influencers to produce static or video content to drive back to detailed blog posts, featuring your product in a lifestyle environment, resonating with your shopper.


Reach your shoppers with organic Twitter posts. Feature copy, imagery, video and gifs to land your shopper on your item page to purchase. Live Q&A and Twitter parties are also an option. Once top performing organic tweets have been determined, put paid behind them to expand your teach to your target audience.

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