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Virtual Demos

July 17, 2020

In-store demos are not an option right now. But, what if there was an even better alternative?

Enter Virtual Demos

With SheSpeaks Virtual Demos, you can reach tens of thousands of targeted shoppers via a live event on social media, hosted by an influencer. Influencers show how they use the product, what’s great about it and answer live questions from audience members. Once the live event ends, the video is still viewable – extending the life of the demo. The video can also be used as an ad unit extending your reach on social.

The event can link to an item shelf page to drive online grocery pickup, online sales and product information for the next time participants are in-store.

To extend the impact of your Virtual Demo, follow up with In-home Sampling or our Verified Purchase Program.

In Home Sampling

Sampling is an incredibly effective way of driving purchase. After all, 92% of shoppers say that a positive experience with a product is the #1 indication that they will buy it. 

With In-Home Sampling, you will push your product to your target shopper who not only samples your product, but also creates and promotes social content. A one-two punch! 

In Home Sampling

Don’t have products to sample, or prefer to have your customers shop in store?  No problem, try our Verified Purchase Program.

Verified Purchase Program

Our Verified Purchase Program is a purchase-based Influencer activation.  We select your target customer from our community of 250,000 shopper influencers, who then visit retailers to purchase the product, try and use the product, and then create social posts promoting and sharing their experience. It’s the perfect compliment to a virtual demo. Check out results from this Heinz Veggie Ketchup Case Study.

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