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Happy Mother’s Day: Celebrating the Women in our lives

May 9, 2024

Thank goodness for all the mommas out there! We are so grateful to work with a plethora of creators for our campaigns who weave into their content their lives as a mother. 

We are even more obsessed with the campaigns focused specifically on Mother’s Day we have been able to execute for clients.

It’s a given to show how your brand can be used to spoil your go-to gal, role model, best friend, etc.

Good news? It’s not too late to start thinking about Father’s Day coming up next!

Hallmark Mother’s Day

Hallmark has long been associated with capturing the essence of love and connection, especially when honoring the special women in our lives. Their heartfelt cards and thoughtful gifts provide a meaningful way to express gratitude, and SheSpeaks has worked to recreate this in our Hallmark Mother’s Day campaign.

Fair Play CVS Mother’s Day

Fair Play recognizes the challenges that mothers face and emphasizes the need for balance and self-care in their lives. By partnering with CVS for a Mother’s Day Campaign, Fairplay encouraged mothers to prioritize self-care and mental health, knowing that when they take care of themselves, they’re better able to care for those they love.

Bimbo Mother’s Day

Moms deserve something sweet, and Bimbo Sweet Baked Goods is the perfect treat to honor the special women in our lives. In honor of Mexican Mother’s Day, SheSpeaks worked with Bimbo to create sweet moments by indulging in a delightful array of baked goods to celebrate.

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